​​​​Spiritual Practitioner

“The one who attempts to heal himself or another through a recognition of the creative power of the Mind and the ever availability if Good, is a mental or spiritual practitioner. Such a one refuses to allow negative thoughts to control his consciousness.  He endeavors to greet the divinity in every man he meets.

Professional Practitioner

love candleThe licensed professional practitioner has been called “the healing arm” of the Religious Science movement, now called Centers for Spiritual Living,  for good reason.  They are licensed spiritual guides/coaches who have answered the call to put God foremost in their lives and to serve God by serving humanity.  Through dedicated service, concentrated personal/spiritual growth, a deep commitment the practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer) and a profound love of God, the licensed professional practitioner shares his/her gifts with the world.  They have engaged in a consciousness building process which includes specific studies that apply to and prepare them for advanced participation in spiritual community.

The role of Licensed Practitioner is to assist individuals in making changes in their lives by making changes in their consciousness. The fundamental tool of the Professional Practitioner is Spiritual Mind Treatment, also called Affirmative Prayer.  Religious Science Practitioners are specifically trained to shift consciousness on behalf of and for the individual through the use of this tool.

The effectiveness of Spiritual Mind Treatment is based on the fundamental law of the Universe that all true and lasting changes take place as a result of a change in consciousness. A practitioner does this by assisting the individual in adopting new beliefs, perspectives and attitudes. As the beliefs, perspectives and attitudes change, this changes the vibratory point of attraction of the individual and new conditions and situations are attracted into the life of the individual. In addition, they assist the individual in making ongoing changes in their consciousness and aligning their thoughts, feeling and actions with the new beliefs.

   For more information on Centers for Spiritual Living, I invite you to click here: Centers for Spiritual Living

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