Holidays, Our Sacred Friends and…Forgiveness

December 8


One of the BEST ways to feel better, help yourself move through a challenging time with another and heal is to offer forgiveness.  Most people have at least one person in their life that they just cannot forgive; a boss, a coworker, an ex-boy/girlfriend or even a parent or sibling.  The Dalai Lama calls these people our “Sacred Friends” because from a loving perspective an attitude these are the people who help us grow.  How? Well let’s face it, we must grow in love to truly forgive someone.  Many people stay stuck in their anger because they believe that forgiving a person means making what they did “OK” or acceptable and this is NOT what forgiveness means.  Forgiveness is recognizing that person is greater than their action.  I hold the belief that everyone is doing the best they can with who they are and what (tools) they have in every moment.  For many reasons, people do not make the best choice in a particular moment; tired, jealous, angry, hungry and this doesn’t excuse their responsibility, ever, but through forgiveness we release our anger towards their action,  which has only been hurting us the whole time.  Our being angry does not affect another, it only poisons our soul while we expect the other to die or suffer.

To aid you on your path to forgiveness,  I provide for you a wonderful healing tool, a prayer from one of my teacher/mentors Mary Morrissey.  This is a powerful tool that should be repeated daily until you feel your love has replaced the negative emotion.  What better gift can you give yourself and another this time of year (or any) than authentic forgiveness?
If you are finding it difficult and/or would like to live your life more fully, please contact me and we can get you back on track.
Joy and Peace,  JoeMMBlog_LovingKindness


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